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22 July 2024

An aggregate of Ham Radio related news.
  • Elmer Special Event Honors Mentors

    By Rich (KB1FGC)

    Hello, I am hosting my 3rd Elmer special event on October 18 to October 20 2024. This year we have 3 calls signs, W1E, W3E and W4E. It is in honor of many hams who have mentored new hams over the years. We have about 12 operators this year.

    It started 3 years ago when I found out that a single operator could host their own special event. My first event was an event honoring Department of Transportation. My father owned a trucking business and was on the board of D.O.T. in CT. When I saw how well that went I thought of trying another.

    I realized that I had never seen an event held for honoring all the amatuers who helped out new hams entering the hobby. So thus the idea was born and the first one was October 2022. I have 3 webpages on that tells about the event. The calls signs are:

    Source: W1E/ELMER

  • First M17 Based Radios Begin Shipping

    Connect Systems has begun shipping the first radios that operate M17 "out of the box." The M17 project is an Open Source digital mode alternative to modes such as DSTAR and System Fusion which rely on proprietary encoding and decoding hardware and software.

    The CS7000 M17 is an HT transceiver running M17 described as "4FSK modulation with an open source Protocol and Vocoder." A "PLUS" version of the HT with additional memory and processing power will also be available.

    See more information about the M17 Project.

    Source: M17 Users Group

  • International Dog Day Special Event Hightlights Need for Rescue Efforts

    By Caryn (KD2GUT)

    The global efforts of amateur radio operators are calling attention to the urgent needs of abandoned, abused, neglected and homeless dogs by operating special event stations in Europe and the US to mark International Dog Day. This year is the largest such activation among hams as Hanz, YL3JD, who originated the special event, will be on the air as YL1DOG for all of August and September. He will also be participating in a number of activities, such as the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend in late August. Chris G5VZ and David G4YVM will be on the air as GB0DOG and GB4DOG, respectively. Listen for Chris from the 30th of July through to the 26th of August and for David from the 1st to the 27th of August. In the US, a team coordinated by Caryn KD2GUT, will be calling QRZ with the special event callsign K2D from the 21st to the 26th of August. They will be using CW and SSB on the HF bands.

    International Dog Day is August 26th. The hams are hoping to spotlight the need for rescue, assistance, adoption and donation around the world. Visit the website for details, or see the page of YL1DOG at

    Meanwhile, Cat Day will begin with special event operations on August 8th – listen for YL1CAT operated by Yevgeniy, YL2TD: GB4CAT operated by Edmund, M0MNG; and GB9CAT, operated by Simon, G0FOZ.

    Source: International Dog Day

  • NJQRP Skeeter Hunt 2024

    The 2024 NJQRP Skeeter Hunt takes place for four hours on August 18th, 2024. QRP "Skeeter" stations are encouraged to get into the field with homebrew equipment and operate as many hunters as possible. Skeeter registration is open through August 17th. See the Skeeter Hunt webpage for complete details. A Facebook page is also available.

    Source: NJQRP Club

  • Amateur Radio Newsline Announces Young Ham of the Year

    Excerpts from the Amateur Radio Newsline press release:

    Grace Papay, K8LG, of Holland, Michigan, has been selected as the 2024 Bill Pasternak WA6ITF Memorial Amateur Radio Newsline Young Ham of the Year. Grace, 18, is the daughter of Doug Papay, K8DP, and Carrie Papay K8CLP.

    “I got involved in amateur radio satellites,” Grace recalls. “I got on the air. And now it has turned into something from honoring my grandfather to a hobby I’m on every day and I love.”

    For the past few years, Grace has been a regular presenter at the Youth Forum at Dayton Hamvention. She delivered a presentation on youth in contesting at the Contest University Forum at Dayton this year and assisted at the YOTA and AMSAT booths.

    She had an article on the “Next Generation of Contesters” published in the National Contest Journal (Nov/Dec 2023). A story she co-wrote on YOTA Camp 2022 appeared in the August 2022 edition of CQ magazine.

    The entire press release and a full list of Grace's accomplishments can be viewed here.

    Source: Amateur Radio Newsline

  • International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend Starts August 17th

    International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend (ILLW) runs for 48 hours from 00:01 UTC August 17th to 24:00 UTC August 18th 2024. Participants can expect around 500 entities to be on the air across 40 different countries.

    ILLW is not a traditional contest in that there are no awards or certificates. Each station may choose their own bands, times, and power requirements.

    Source: International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend

  • Recent ARRL Outages were a Result of Ransomware Attack

    Recently published public records revealed that ARRL was a victim of a ransomware attack that ultimately resulted in services such as Log Book of The World being offline for several weeks.

    While data belonging to ARRL members and users of ARRL services wasn't directly affected by the attack, public records revealed that up to 150 ARRL employees did have personal data compromised.

    At this stage there is no evidence that compromised data was misused. It's unknown whether ARRL paid a ransom as part of the attack.

    Source: Bleeping Computer

  • PI9CAM EME SSTV Party Aims to Bounce Images off Moon

    The C.A. Muller Radio Astronomy Station (PI9CAM) will utilize the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope to conduct an EME SSTV Party on July 13th. The event celebrates the Apollo 11 moon landing by transmitting moon landing and spacecraft images to the moon using SSTV on 23cm (1296.110 MHz).

    Look for activity between 13:00 and 21:00 UTC on July 13th. The MARTIN2 SSTV mode will be utilized with the MMSSTV software.

    Leading up to the event, PI9CAM will be available for EME QSOs on 70, 23, and 13cm in all modes.

    A WebSDR is available to listen in on the telescope's live reception activity.

    See the Moon-Net mailing list for more information.

    Source: Moon-Net

  • WIA Seeks Input on Future of 40 Meter Band Plan

    The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) is requesting feedback from members and general amateur operators to move closer to a standardized 40 meter band plan across the globe. Feedback will be relayed to the IARU. The WIA describes the 40 meter band as one of the more disorganized bands in terms of global alignment on frequency use. Issues include:

    • Inconsistent IARU member society band plans
    • National regulatory constraints (FCC)
    • Outdated band plans still in place following the band expansion granted at WRC2003
    • Wider use of digital modes

    Hams may visit the WIA website to submit responses.

    Source: WIA

  • MESAT1 Amateur Satellite in Orbit

    [A satellite of] interest to the amateur radio community is MESAT1. Built by the University of Maine, in cooperation with AMSAT, this satellite carries a 30 kHz wide V/U Transponder plus a 1k2 BPSK telemetry downlink. Telemetry downlink 435.800 MHz with transponder downlink 435.810-435.840 MHz, and transponder uplink 145.910-145.940 MHz. Amateurs are encouraged to use AMSAT’s FoxTelem software to collect telemetry.

    Source: AMSAT

  • Small Satellite Conference 2024 is August 3-8

    Small Satellite Conference takes place August 3rd through August 8th in Logan, Utah. This year's theme is automation, aiming to make smarter and more effective satellites. Registration is open, with the regular rate ending August 2nd. The conference includes:

    • Technical sessions
    • Exhibit hall
    • Student competitions
    • Swifty sessions

    Source: Small Satellite Conference

  • ARISS Seeks Proposals from Educators for Contact with ISS

    Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) is requesting educational organizations to submit proposals to conduct amateur radio contacts with astronauts on the International Space Station.

    Crew scheduling and ISS orbits will determine the exact contact dates. To maximize these radio contact opportunities, ARISS is looking for organizations that will draw large numbers of participants and integrate the contact into a well-developed education plan.

    Proposals may be submitted between July 8th and September 6th. Additional information and proposal guidelines will be presented during an ARISS webinar on July 22 at 7:00 PM Eastern. Webinar registration may be completed here.

    Source: ARISS

  • ARRL Developing Performance Analysis Program for NTS

    The National Traffic System (NTS) will soon be evaluated with new tools to help improve system performance. The ARRL is developing a web-based Performance Analysis Tool (PAT) to ultimately improve speed and accuracy of the traffic system. Additional training materials will also be developed to improve NTS performance. Once the new tools are complete, the ARRL will hold a test exercise to measure their effectiveness.

    Source: ARRL NTS Letter

  • Log Book of The World Back Online

    Log Book of The World (LoTW) has returned to service after a lengthy outage. ARRL is asking users to refrain from uploading large amounts of QSOs for a few weeks in order to minimize the potential backlog of uploads. In addition, users are asked to remove duplicates from their logs to help further reduce server load. Planned downtime is expected through the rest of the year to further enhance the service. Users can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.

    Source: ARRL

  • Flight of the Bumblebees CW Contest

    Flight of the Bumblebees CW contest takes place Sunday, July 28, 2024. The four hour event encourages home stations to work QRP CW bumblebee stations swarming in the field and vice versa. Operation takes place on the 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter bands with a maximum output of 5 watts. Stations planning to operate portable should register for a Bumblebee Number.

    Source: Adventure Radio Society

  • AllStarLink Releases Version 3 Beta

    AllStarLink has announced a major update to their software, AllStarLink 3 (ASL3). Now in beta, ASL3 upgrades the popular repeater and hotspot software from Asterisk version 1.4 to version 20, a 15 year leap in PBX phone system technology. Asterisk is the backbone of AllStarLink driving a network of repeaters, hotspots, and base stations all connected via voice over internet protocol (VoIP). ASL3 is now capable of running on both X86_64 and arm64 hardware, physical and virtual. Additional improvements include:

    • Runs as non-root user
    • Supports Debian 12 and future updates
    • Improved EchoLink support
    • Reduced microSD wear

    Learn more about ASL3.

    Source: AllStarLink

  • Grant Application Deadlines Approaching

    Grant application deadlines for programs sponsored by both the ARRL and ARDC are nearing.

    The ARRL's Club Grant Program which is part of the ARRL Foundation encourages amateur radio clubs to apply for grants that will help improve communities through the promotion of amateur radio. Clubs do not have to be affiliated with the ARRL or be organized as a 501(c)(3) to apply. Grants can range up to $25,000. The deadline for applications is July 26th.

    July 1st is the next deadline for grant applications submitted to ARDC. After July 1st, the next application window deadline will be September 1st. ARDC grants aim to support amateur radio through education and research with a focus on science and technology. International entities and US 501(c)(3)s are eligible. Learn more on the ARDC website.

    Key dates:

    • ARRL Club Grant Program application deadline: July 26, 2024. Apply here.
    • ARDC grant program application deadlines: July 1, 2024 and September 1, 2024 Apply here.

    Source: Amateur Radio Daily

  • Pacific Northwest DX Convention August 9-11

    The 2024 Pacific Northwest DX Convention takes place August 9th through 11th in Everett, Washington, US. Registration is open with early bird pricing ending July 9th. A sample of presentations include:

    • How Not to Get in the DXpedition Log
    • The Business End of DXpeditions–It’s Only a Hobby!
    • The storied History of DX

    The full program is available to view on the Pacific Northwest DX Convention website.

    Source: Pacific Northwest DX Convention

  • IARU HF World Championship Contest Starts July 13

    The 24 hour period beginning 12:00 UTC Saturday July 13th marks the start of the 2024 IARU HF World Championship Contest. The goal of the contest is to contact as many amateur radio stations as possible utilizing the 160 meter band all the way up to the 10 meter band.

    The complete set of rules is available on the ARRL website.

    Source: WIA

  • Software Defined Radio Academy 2024

    Software Defined Radio Academy (SDRA) will be presenting June 29th at HAM RADIO 2024 with a full program of presentations. A few of the topics include:

    • How to Squeeze the Maximum Out of Old Architecture
    • GNU Radio Project Update
    • An introduction to KA9Q-radio open source Linux SDR library
    • High Resolution Propagation Measurements Using a WSPRSONDE-8 beacon and a RX888 SDR
    • DMR Tier III base station - transceiver in software defined radio

    The full program can be viewed on the SDRA website and will be live streamed on the SDRA YouTube Channel.

    Source: Software Defined Radio Academy

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